Cloudy Charge

Keep a tab on your AWS cloud charges, for free. Get notified when your usage breaches free tier.

Take charge of your AWS account in 3 easy steps

  Set up access

Allow us read-only access to your AWS account. We ask you to create a read-only role and grant us permission to access it.

  Configure notifications

Configure email and/or SMS as the notification mechanism.

  Save money!

Now sit back and relax. We will notify you in case you breach your free tier.

More power. Less hassle.

No charge!

This service is provided free of charge to you, forever.

Realtime monitoring

We monitor your cloud resources every 5 minutes, which is much faster than 6-hourly check for billing alerts by AWS. Getting notified faster helps you save more money.

Lightning-speed setup

Provide read-only access to AWS account and verify your email or SMS via a verification code, and you're configured already! You don't need to set up notification queues, register topics, and other roundabout ways to set up a simple thing.

In progress: more resources and services

Right now, EC2 instances are supported. But we are hard at work to add more resources and services.